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PAR Tokenomics

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The following text describes the role of the Partum (PAR) token in the Partum – Rise of a Gladiator game and in the ecosystem. It highlights the entities that will be using the token and the benefits of using the network.

We want to provide every network participant an opportunity to build an ecosystem in a fair environment and to benefit from the value appreciation together with the network development.

PAR is the native utility & government token for Partum РRise of a Gladiator Metaverse deployed  on the SOLANA blockchain. It will be used for:

  • Acquisition of the PreSale NFT-Gladiators
  • Hire descendants of your characters & get characters from the new market
  • Pay tournament entry fees and receive winnings
  • Pay & receive schooling fees

Partum Coins (PAR) are tokens for the Partum – Rise of the Gladiator game. The developers created them on the Solana blockchain.

At a later stage PAR holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive rewards in return.

Games Faculty, the company behind Partum holds 20% as company reserves.

After the pre-sales Games Faculty will receive inflows from:

  • 2.5% (+2.5% market fee) of all Partum NFT marketplace transactions.
  • 5% tournament entry fees
  • 10% schooling fees
  • school specialization changes (small amount)
  • liquidity pool provision

There will be a total supply of 2.500.000.000 PARs minted prior to the Initial Game Offering.

Games Faculty will be selling PAR as part of an open token sale to power the entire eco-system. In the section below you will find the break-down of how we plan to conduct the sales and distribute the token supply.

  • The First IGO sale event will receive 250 million PAR, 10% of the total supply
  • The Second IGO sale event will receive additionally 175 million PAR, 7% of the total supply
  • The Liquidity pool event will receive additionally 125 million PAR, 5% of the total supply
  • Staking & Rewards pool will receive 1,125 million PAR, 45% of the total supply
  • The Project Advisors will receive 50 million PAR, 2% of the total supply. Some of it will be unlocked and the rest locked.
  • Games Faculty, the core team, will receive 250 million PAR, 10% of the total supply distributed in 3 thirds. One in 2021, the other two in different development stages in 2022.
  • The Company Reserves is going to be 500 million PAR, 20% of the total supply.
  • Not labeled but shown on the graphic above is the Airdrop amount of 25 million, 1% of the total supply

There will be a locking scheme with a smart-contract in charge of keeping funds out of circulation, for a fixed time schedule.

FAME Tokenomics

The FAME Token is the Play-2-Earn currency in Partum also located on the SOLANA blockchain. It’s supply is unlimited. It is minted when players receive or redeem a FAME coin amount. It is burned when players buy in-game items like skill chests.

It is planned to allow the acquisition of land plots for FAME.

There will be DeFi Exchanges where you can swap FAME tokens for Partum coins or any other supported coin (for example Ethereum or Solana).