This is why we chose to build a two token economy for our Metaverse.

An NFT game does not necessarily need any token at all. But to have at least one token at hand increases the integration with the blockchain. There are good reasons why you should have two:

Especially with #play2earn concepts users are now able to receive rewards on chain and receive tokens that can be conveniently traded in DeFi and centralized exchanges. The value is created through offering utility to that token such as getting new game assets.

The problem is though that this play2earn token is highly inflationary because usually the supply is unlimited. Thus it is encouraged to earn, buy and use this one token. But it is unfavorable to hold long-term.

With a second token you can add kinds of #GameFi mechanisms as well as making it attractive for long time holders. If designed well, the price of the second token will scale with the success of the project.

$PARTUM is our long term, governance token and will be available to you very soon. Follow to stay informed.