🪙 Earning mechanics in Partum 🪙

We want to create something special here. A game that has more than just one way to play.
In the crypto world, that’s also coming with many different ways to earn money. 🤑💰🤑

➡️ Trade NFT gladiators
➡️ Train gladiators, increase skillset and value
➡️ Play League Arena, receive Tokens and NFTs
➡️ Play Tournaments, receive PARTUM
➡️ Trade NFT rewards

➡️ Own land that generates resources
➡️ Trade NFT resources
➡️ Own craftsmen and create unique equipment
➡️ Own PAR, exploit increase of value
➡️ Stake PAR
➡️ Supply PAR and $SOL to a liquidity pool

Not all of them will be present at the release of the game.
Anyway: There will be a lot to be exited about!
Quite a lot, though. We are really exited, are you?! 😱💹